As we approached the target our bomb aimer was giving final directions. My seat was lowered in order to avoid distractions and to concentrate on the 'blind flying panel' - for bombing accuracy it was essential with Mk XX bomsight to eliminate any slips or skid. Quite suddenly the mid-upper gunner shouted "Look up, skipper, and aircraft above." And indeed there was! I was shocked to see the awe-inspiring plan view of the under-belly of a Lancaster with its bomb doors gaping and its bombs readily identifiable with lettering clearly visible in the light of the flares. I immediately throttled back the four engines and waited for what seemed like an eternity for our aircraft to slow down. Gradually the aircraft above started to overtake as our airspeed neared stalling speed (110mph). I was now able to open the throttles and follow the insistent directions of the bomb aimer. "Left left steady - right steady, steady, steady, Bombs gone." At the same time, the aircraft above released its bombs and jerked upwards into the blackness. The sight of the 4000lb cookie and the 14 x 500lb general purpose bombs passing clear of our aircrafts nose was a great relief!

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